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Hello and Sa Waa Dee,

My name is Nonthaporn. Most people call me “Pum” or “Pummy,” for short. Since I was a child, I liked to get hands on with paints, paper, and wood. I’ve always searched for inspiration blending traditional and contemporary Asian styles, but rarely found examples. With this traditional-contemporary mix concept in mind, I motivated to apply it in various media.

I am a Thai native, born and raised in Bangkok. I graduated from Rangsit University with a degree in Visual Communication Design. Right out of school, I got a freelance job, designing hair product packaging. But, while hanging with my friends at a night market, I saw another endeavor that would utilize my creative energies. I became a street vendor at the night market, selling handmade candles, silver jewelry, and incense clay burners. To further differentiate my store from others, I designed my own wrapping paper and packaging from Saa (mulberry paper), handmade craft paper, and recycled materials.

"Create Your Own Path and Follow Your Dream." NKS

I came to the United States in 2001 to pursue another degree. It didn’t quite work out at that time, but I took small freelance graphic design jobs under the name “PassivePunk Designs.” During this time, I continued to fine tune my niche and the various styles I like to use. I painted, drew, and crafted, but started utilizing computers more.  In 2007, I went back home to Thailand, and saw how pop culture was influencing and, at the same time, eroding Thai culture. It pained me to think that the beauty and significance of traditional Thai art and culture could be lost to newer, flashier outside influences.

Once back in the States, I went back to school and received a diploma in computer and graphic design. I started doing freelance work again, this time designing websites, but still yearned to do more arts and crafts. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that the idea of Saan Sen popped in my head. In Thai, Saan means “merge,” “join,” or “weave;” whereas Sen means “line” or “filament.” Combining these two words together, for me, represents how all ideas become visualized, manifested through lines, doodles, and scribbles that come together into a cohesive image. Or how one combines materials into one piece.Since then, I’ve been brainstorming and tinkering, slowly creating designs and products that represent a balance between old and new art influences.

I totally believe that we should never let our dreams and passions die down so here, doing what makes me happy.

Stay positive and be creative!

Nonthaporn "Pum" Saunders

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